Stay humble. Stay kind.

As I read the poem “Two Tramps In Mud Time”, all I think about is being an intern.. the first paragraph states “I knew pretty well what he had in mind: He wanted to take my job for pay”. As I read those words, I thought about how many people I came in contact with in my life that said, “I would never be an intern, if I am going to work, I will be paid for my time.”

The third paragraph makes me think of how fast time flew being in Washington, D.C. “You know how it is with an April day” then the next line jumps to “you’re one month on in the middle of May.” I was here for two whole months and I feel like I just arrived yesterday.

What came to mind as soon as I read the fifth paragraph was do not give up, no matter how long it takes you to find an opportunity you will find one if you work hard and want it bad enough. Also, be grateful for every opportunity you receive, everything happens for a reason. Stay faithful and strong.

The ending resembles not burning bridges with anyone, even if you do not always see eye to eye with another. Stay kind to everyone and stay open minded. Your future could be in their hands one day. This poem reminded me a lot of my experience in Washington, D.C. and everything I had learned.


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