A Beatiful Pile of Wood

I am not dare to elaborate a deep review of “Two tramps in mud time”, because being honest I am not sure that my interpretation adjusts nearly to its truthful meaning. However, I have my own interpretation of the message that hides in its prose poetry.

Every season thousands of interns poor into the hallways of Washington D.C. Some of the most prestigious think-tanks in the U.S. will host some of the best students coming from across the nation’s universities. We come to greatest democracy’s seat of power to learn, and to advance our careers those few inches that are “everywhere around us” that the great Al Pacino make famous in the movie “Any given Sunday.” Before we came to accomplish our journey to D.C. others did before, now they are victorious settlers that can advise to the newcomers to “Hit them hard.” It is up to us to figure out the intentions of the authors of those words, where they said with intention of giving support to the rookies? Or are they a mock to us, the masses in suits that every morning invade the metro stations? My experience tells me that these words are given with the best of the intentions; during all these weeks all the words that I have listen were to encourage me. I consider myself very fortunate, as an intern at the bottom of the pyramid the advices provided to me are fruitful and helpful; thinking otherwise would be miserable for my part.

I have tried to make the most beautiful pile of firewood that I could, with the love professed by a craftsman to his handcraft. When the winter will come back, but my fireplace will be ready to warm my home and my soul. Coming to D.C. and living its deceptive; frenetic; glamorous, thrilling rhythm may be as dangerous as walking into a wild forest, but it is definitely worth.


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