Work Hard, Play Hard

One of the first big points I got out of this poem was the separation of work and play. It seems that the narrator is chopping wood for leisure when the two tramps come out of the woods. The two tramps chop wood for need, which was apparent when the narrator mentioned that the tramps wanted to take his job for pay. For the narrator, chopping wood was something he loved doing, something he did it out of leisure, but for the tramps, it was their income. The narrator goes on to say, “Only where love and need are one, And the work is play for moral stakes, Is the deed ever really done”.

I made a connection in these areas because I feel like the big point to be taken out is that you have to put passion and work hard into everything you do and it’ll make life so much more enjoyable. For some doing a job is just a way to make money, but for others a job is something they’re genuinely passionate about so when you combine the two that’s when you get the best workers and the happiest employees.

This relates to all of us interns here in D.C. because I can guarantee that you would not meet one of us that isn’t happy here and happy to be in their internship. Everyone loves what they’re doing so much and all the people that they’ve met. Young professionals are thriving off the energy of this amazing city and if you think about it we are both the narrator and the tramps. We are here not only for pleasure but also to make a name for ourselves and make a living. To set ourselves up for success for the future. The people that are here simply for play and aren’t serious about the experience are taking away from those that really dream of coming to D.C..

The second point that stood out to me was the mud time aspect. When he talks about how it’s the middle of April but one day can bring you back into March and the next can spring you forward into May. I feel like us interns are here in an April phase of our lives in the sense that yes, we do have this amazing experience under our belt, but we also have so far to go. Some days it can seem like you’re doing so good and headed in the right direction. But other days it can be stressful because we still have to go back to finish our degrees and we can’t start our careers right away. This is simply a building block in the foundation of our empires.

I feel like this poem has many relatable themes not only to my time in D.C. but also in real life. When he mentions the frost lurking beneath the surface, it reminds me to always analyze every decision to the fullest, because things may not be what they seem. When he mentions that he has no right to play with something that is another mans gain, this reminds me to always be humble with everything that i’m doing, because chances are there is probably someone else dying to be in the position that I am in.

I’ve learned a lot of amazing life lessons here in D.C., and i’m very sad to see my time come to and end here. I will take this experience and use it to help me progress into my future life.

It’s not a goodbye D.C., just a see ya later ❤



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