Someway, somehow, I will continue to report from DC.

These past 7 weeks have been a great experience doing specifically what I want to do for the rest of my adult life. Journalism. The only different from my first week and today is that I am now certain this is the best place for me to do exactly that for the remainder of my writing career. I remember reflecting on this on my very first blog post for this internship. It’s amazing how quickly all these weeks flew by.

My first blog post was about adjusting myself into this environment. Coming from San Diego diving into a fast, humid, and busy city. Washington D.C. was everything I expected as soon as I spent a full week here. Everybody dressed up and always rushing. At first it was too much for me. San Diego is a relaxed “mind-your-own-business” city. Basically, San Diego is like if Los Angeles and Scottsdale (AZ) had a baby. It’s quite fancy, but not quite as big as Los Angeles, although it comes with the beaches and weather. The humidity bothered me for about 4 weeks, then I learned to deal with it. I embrace it and exercise with it every day. I will continue to embrace it in the future when I am back here again.

To highlight the most important days I spent in DC, I would have to take a full day to write 2 different blog posts tonight. But since I only have this one to share with, here are just a few of my own personal favorite moments throughout the 7 and a half weeks at the nation’s capital.


  • Being published for my first time on a print newspaper. This was huge because I always had the experience of being published only through digital media. But this, this was special and different.


  •      4th of July. This was the most special moment in my patriotic life. Yes, I am one of those overly patriotic dudes of this generation. And this was something that will never be topped for the rest of my life. Regardless of where I spend my 4th of July’s.


  •       Visiting George Washington’s mansion. It was amazing and emotional to visit the mansion of our first president. It was very emotional to see where he was laid to rest after being diagnosed with illness.


In conclusion, I will go back to Arizona and “walk” this December as I finish my time at ASU. But one thing is for sure. Somehow, someway, I will come back to DC and continue to report.


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