Everything is a learning process

Let’s reminisce on my learning experiences from these past couple months.. OHHH BOYY… where do I even start?  I guess I will start off with the beginning of my Washington, D.C. adventure when I found out the hard way that there is an unspoken rule on escalators.. Who would have ever guessed that escalators have an invisible line down the middle to separate the climbers from the standers? NOT ME. I did not find out about this rule until I was aggressively shoved by a woman in a hurry to catch the next metro train. Do not be like me, make sure you know before coming to Washington, D.C. that people strongly enforce the two lane escalator rule. The LEFT side is for the climbers and the RIGHT side is for the standers.


Aweeee yesss… learning about the “secret” language spoken on the Hill. This is definitely one of the most useful things I have become informed about. Many people I have met on the Hill always tell me to open my ears because the more you listen, the more you will find out. So after finding that out, I definitely kept my mouth shut, opened my ears, and found tons of interesting information out. With this being one of the most significant, useful lessons I have learned, I hope everyone that decides to intern/work on the Hill becomes informed about the hidden language before they start. Be prepared, by opening your ears, before you step off of the Capitol South station so you can begin to pick up on certain things.


Capitol Police are what keeps the Hill safe and protected. Looking back on the horrendous crimes that have happened in the couple of months I have been here, if it was not for the police officers risking their lives to arrest the criminals, who knows how much worse the incidents would have turned out. The Capitol police keep protestors out of the buildings, send everyone alerts on the Hill when something suspicious is happening, checks every civilian that walks into the building to make sure they are unarmed, and put themselves in situations everyday people are too afraid to do. I have so much respect and support for all officers, they are there to keep us from danger. I have said it once and will say it again, please thank an officer every chance you get. It means a lot more to them than you would imagine.


I still laugh at the time I was lost for two and a half hours after the gym. I was so exhausted, my legs hurt, and I was hungry so it was not the best experience I had. I mean it was not like the worst either because I did learn a lot about Washington, D.C. and got to know it very well. The whole point of me walking home was so I could find my way around better, so it worked out, just took me much longer than expected. But, everything turned out perfectly fine because I have not been lost on my way home since then!


HAHAHA ughhhhh… Fourth of July was such a joyfulllllll time!! That was the day I realized I was rhythmically challenged. I was just trying to enjoy the concert by singing and dancing along, until my friend told me I need to stop because I was so off to the beat of the music that it was painful to watch!! So I stopped dancing, but I did not stop singing because I love to sing!


Oops… I kind of already knew this…. but I learned too much cookie dough does not make you feel well. The other week I ate about a quarter of a bucket of cookie dough because I was distracted from writing a blog post.. I did not realize I was eating that much until I looked at the tub and I started feeling sick. The cookie dough was great and I still highly recommend just eating cookie dough raw, but not a quarter of a Tollhouse bucket LOL.


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