Mindful in D.C

This summer is not over yet so let us not be in dismay. But we have a problem, the summer is almost over. After looking at all my past blog posts, I have learned plenty of things both shown in my posts and also outside of my posts. Starting off with blog 1, I spoke about how networking and professionalism are extremely high here in Washington D.C. You are expected to always be on your best behavior and to look sharp because you never know who you will meet in order to rise up the ladder. There are networking events at AEI where you can just meet scholars and workers weekly and is very casual here in D.C. I will actually be having coffee with some researchers who work with Tom Donnelly, a scholar I studied under with the AEI Honors Program. I loved his work and the course, so I reached out to some of his assistants if I can set up some kind of coffee meeting. This is obviously out of my comfort zone since I am not an upfront person, but you just have to do it for your future. From my 2nd blog post, I talked about how I’m learning more about myself and when to be mindful of your surroundings. It was advice on how to relax in this fast paced city. This advice and this knowledge I used every single day since I have been here. When I am in the metro, I take a second every time to wake up from the professional life and to look around and be mindful towards where I am at. Being sucked into your job or what you have to do can be very stressful. Always take some time to recognize where you are and how this is a great place to be.

The 3rd piece of knowledge I posted as to what I have learned was about the tools I was using the get my work done such as: SalesForce, Excel, Wufoo, and Outlook. I wrote about this because learning about these tools are very important for my future career. These simple systems are used by almost every entity for the daily task of the institution. ASU, private companies, non-profits, etc all use SalesForce and Excel, so getting a better grasp on these systems is very important. The 4th piece of knowledge I stated was how to build stronger relationships with people you meet and how to connect better. Interns sometimes have this idea that they need to be constantly talking in order to not only look good but also to keep the conversation going to avoid awkward moments. I would disagree with this approach, rather, I would allow quite moments to follow through to be able to smile and listen to what the person has to say. Most of all my conversations with important people has been positive by my little strategy. Stay calm, allow the person to talk, as plenty of questions, and just relax.

The 5th piece of knowledge I learned were the geographical locations of the areas of D.C that are not so strong in terms of economic and social growth. Usually the Green Line on the metro heading southeast should be avoided. You can tell you are getting closer to the bad side of town when the area gets dirty and more homeless people. Also, the houses start to look less developed and you should always be careful where you are at. Never walk alone and put your geolocation on for your friends to know where you are. Out of all the knowledge gained that I have written down in my blogs, the main thing that I have learned that I find the most important would be the advice on learning to take a step back and enjoy the moment. Being able to be mindful and just enjoy where you are whether that be in the metro or at work. Time is running out in this amazing city and I will miss every day here. Therefore, it is a positive obligation to try your best to enjoy every moment and take nothing for granted. We are so blessed to be here, so do not get caught up in the stress or the drama and try your best to take advantage of every experience here in Washington D.C.DSC_7487


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