Mount Vernon I go!!!

SOOOOOOO…. I have officially decided I am absolutely in love with Maryland!!! The National Harbor is literally the most beautiful place I have been to so far in Washington, D.C. When I first arrived to the harbor, I jumped out of the Lyft car and ran straight to the water I was so excited! Then Claire and I met up with the rest of the group on top of the stairs to take pictures before it was time to board the boat. When we all boarded the boat, we sat at the bottom of it because the top was full of course. Being on the water was my favorite part about the whole Mount Vernon trip. The view from the boat was perfect, the houses right on the water are my absolute ideal homes. I can only dream to live in a house as perfect as those… especially the 14-million-dollar home 😉 I was so mesmerized by everything I was seeing on the boat I did not want to get off.

But eventually I had to get off the boat to tour George Washington’s home. The first stop I made on his property was the rams. LOL yes they were real, live rams!!!! They are living in this super cute wooden pin area that was more than big enough for them.. we were allowed to pet them so I of course did, I was so happy to do so because I love animals so much and every chance I get to pet an animal I am definitely going to take. After spending some time with the rams, I went to the unfortunate slave cabin, where a family of 6-8 lived and learned a little about what they went through. The cabin was about the size of a closet and was built with wood, with a small fireplace. Being in the small cabin really makes you think how fortunate you are to live in America in today’s society. Once I left the home, I was able to walk through an exotic path way with trees, dirt, rocks, and a cute bridge. I love the woods if you have not noticed by now! Anyway the path led me to more animals, these animals were bulls! I tried to pet them, but sadly they would not come close enough to me L.. as the journey continues I arrive to a huge grass field with an elegant house front and center. I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to tour George Washington’s home and where history was made. After I finished that I went to a museum that was built on his land about his life. I found out George Washington was a mischievous, sneaky person that would spy on other countries plans. Which was actually really interesting to me.. toward the end of the adventure I headed toward the water to sit down and take in the view I hope to see again one day. My trip to Mount Vernon was definitely a success and I recommend it to anyone coming to Washington, D.C.

This week I learned that too much cookie dough can make you sick.. This whole time I have been writing this blog I have been eating out of a bucket of Toll House cookie dough.. OOPS.. well I was so distracting by typing that I did no actually realize how much I had eaten.. I started to feel kind of ill and could not figure out why until I looked over at the bucket and saw that I had ate about a quarter of the bucket.. I had to have Claire take it away from me so I would not eat anymore LOL. Well anyway now I know not to shovel cookie dough in my mouth while writing a blog post…


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