Networking, at work.

One important thing that I’ve learned over the various jobs that I’ve had, including the military is that it is important to not only network but to build relationships with those you meet and work with. Since I’ve been in Washington, D.C. for my internship, myself as well as a few other Capital Scholar participants have gone to Matt’s (ASU alumni) home for dinner. We discussed school, our future plans, as well as life in D.C. with Matt and his wife. It was nice to not only get out of WISH housing and spend time in a real home, but it was great talking to them and getting to know them better. I’ve also tried to meet up with another ASU alumni but due to some unforeseen car trouble, it has been delayed. I’m hoping that we’ll have an opportunity to meet up before we leave (which is soon).

As for meeting new people and putting myself in positions to network, I find myself doing this mostly at my internship site. I have discussed my future educational and career plans with my mentor, the Chief Development Officer, the Assistant Director of Media, Marketing and Communications, as well as a few other employees who work within our office and in the other offices of my internship organization. We’ve also discussed some of the possible career fields that may be of interest to me. The person, who will be working part time to help the organization once I leave, just started yesterday. She is definitely someone who I will be speaking to more in depth and who I plan to network with. She has a terrific amount of work experience in a variety of organizations and I know that her knowledge will be beneficial.

Currently, I’m enrolled in not only the POS 484 course but I’m also enrolled in my last core course for my degree program. At the same time I’m completing a Human Resources certificate program online through a different program that helps veterans and their families. I have also been trying to get a head start on my reading for the fall semester, session A because we have plans every month during the fall semester. Since I’m usually pretty busy trying to ensure that everything is completed I haven’t spent a lot of time during the week to try to network with more ASU Alumni. I have however, tried to build friendships with fellow Capital Scholars because one, I happen to like them very much (even if I do see them as younger brothers and sisters) and two because I would like to keep in touch with them after the summer. I’m sure someday we might need each other for networking opportunities, especially because I plan on moving back to the West Coast (hopefully in the near future).

Since my last post I’ve learned that there are many opportunities to apply for scholarships for graduate school. As I was once again looking at the Master’s program that I’m interested in at Arizona State University I clicked around and found a webpage that lists the different scholarships that are available. I’ve also learned that if you get a job in “public service,” at a nonprofit, federal, state or local government, etc. there is a Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This is great to know in case I end up getting student loans for my Master’s degree. I’m hoping that I can pay for most of it by receiving scholarships but I like to be informed on all of my options.


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