All Aboard!

This past weekend we had the pleasure of taking an excursion to Mount Vernon.

Although we had to wake up early on a Sunday, it was very refreshing to start the day off at the National Harbor. The morning was very light and crisp, and there was a nice breeze next to the water. The National Harbor area was very cute and the streets were lined with boutiques, restaurants, diners, and coffee shops. The large ferris wheel at the end of the pier along with the yachts and the flags in the background made a beautiful backdrop. So of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a quick photo op.

Since we all arrived fairly early, we used our time to not only take pictures but grab some coffees and enjoy the view. I would like to say a huge thank you to Suzette and Aundrea for coming up with this idea! And also for making sure everyone got their tickets and making sure we all knew where to go!

Once 11am rolled around we were all waiting patiently on the dock. Our boat pulled up and we were very excited to board. I must admit that being on the boat was a big highlight for me. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed each others company. Plus it was very breezy and beautiful on the water. Definitely better than finding a different form of public transportation!

Once we got to Mount Vernon we split into different groups. We first went and saw some animals they had on the property. There were some sheep, cattle, and horses. There was also a small cabin that we explored on the grounds, right next to the water. After that, we walked up to the house and explored the residence. The walk up to the residence was very beautiful. There was greenery and trees everywhere.

On our way up we saw Washington’s tomb. It was interesting to see this and also the same exact room where he had passed. It’s very surreal standing in these places and thinking about how long these places have been around and that our actual very first President of the United States was walking on these grounds.

The house had many different rooms. I was surprised at how many of them were painted bright green. But apparently it was one of George Washington’s favorite colors. We got to see the family room, the room where guest slept, his office, the room where him and his wife slept and also where he passed. It is said that Martha Washington closed the door to that room and never entered again. She went on to live in the third floor of the manor.

Behind the house there was a huge green lawn and a beautiful view of the river. From there we adventured around the rest of the grounds and saw where the blacksmith worked. We also ran into one of the gardens. We went on to see his famous dentures and then we made our way to the distillery where George Washington had all of his whiskey made.

We concluded our trip by cooling down at the restaurant and grabbing a snack. Overall, it was a very informative trip and i’m glad we made this excursion.

We took our boat ride back and it was very apparent that we were all starving and exhausted. We found the most reasonably priced food we could, and a restaurant that would be able to accommodate a large party with out a reservation. We had a nice dinner at the harbor to end our long, fun-filled day.

Since last week i’ve learned that there is no one more hard working than a team that has to send out a little over 500 letters in a matter of hours. This includes printing labels, printing letters, stuffing envelopes, sealing envelopes, labeling them, and then stamping them. All in a matter of a couple hours.

When it comes to applying to new jobs and internships, there is always a list of skills, and most of the time being able to work as a team is one of those skills. It is one thing thinking you have those skills, but it is also another thing seeing those skills translated into real life and knowing how important they really are. It is very rewarding to know that it is important to be able to work on your own, but when you need help, your team has your back and has the ability to help complete a task.

Our time is dwindling down in D.C., and it is dwindling down fast. So I am going to go back to soaking up as much as this city as I can! Until next week 🙂 IMG_9897


“Okay now everyone act like you’re laughing!” -The Girls

P.S. I spy the Arizona State flag in the background! Can you find it?


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