Party for Democracy

I feel very fortunate and glad to be in the capital of the U.S. for the country’s birthday. I was able to discover something unique in the way American people celebrates their national day: it is a celebration of democracy. The manner in which each country celebrates its national day is a revealing fact. America has been extraordinarily blessed in many aspects of its history, but above all of them one that has to be highlighted is that its territory has never been neither invaded nor occupied. Thus, in the celebrations for the anniversary of its independence, this fact is present. In many countries around the world, the celebrations for their national day are marked by some kind of traumatic event. The French people on July 14th commemorate the assault of an infamous castle, an event that started the French revolution, it is a celebration in which the wounds product of two world wars somehow are still healing. The United Kingdom’s national day is the celebrated in Queen’s birthday, a celebration that it is felt by many Britons as something outdated. Spain’s national day––October 12th the day in which Cristopher Columbus discovered America––it is surrounded by a growing controversy. Some NGOs that work to protect indigenous communities’ rights, human rights activist, and politicians claim that because the suffering of Latin-American natives, Spain’s national day should be replaced by other kind of commemoration. The list of controversial national days in one way or another is long. But, there is one bright exception: The United States. I feel very fortunate because I have seen how it is a truly festive day, people of all walks get together around the landmarks of their cities, its monuments, and the seats of government. Washington, although it is a majestic and sophisticated city, also is part of the celebration. The city that symbolizes to some citizens what they believe is wrong with its democracy, it is not aware of the national day.

I went with my friends to the mall to see the fireworks, and at the same time, I was able feel the festive environment in the capital. However, it is my second 4th of July in the U.S with the first being in Fort Worth, Texas. I can say now that it is a celebration that unites the American people of all walks of life. At the Washington National Mall, I saw whole families gather together, dressed with all kind of customs combing all the American symbols. They were sitting next to the Capitol, having pizza, eating all kind of barbecue food; in other words, having fun. They were celebrating the extraordinary ideals that have made the U.S. the greatest democracy on earth. I really do not recall other national day in which so much joy can be witnessed. Even, myself was wearing a Cubbies with American flags, and as it could not be different I also had my barbecue food.

I enjoyed being at the Mall watching the fireworks, with my friends. It was an image that will always be with me, it has the great value of allowing me to say that I know from first-hand how the American people celebrates their national day, above their political ideals and beliefs. It is a healthy party of democracy in which no controversy can be found.DSC_8294


Washington DC July 4th 2017 1DSC_8277


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