“God Bless You, and God Bless the United States of America”

Being in our nation’s capital over the Fourth of July was one of the coolest experiences I have ever experienced. Being an active participant in America’s birthday every year at my cabin, was presumably the most American thing I could ever take part in; a thought that was blown out of the water this holiday.

This holiday I started off the nation’s birthday with brunch at me and my friend’s favorite place; Le Dipolomate. After that, my friends and I proceeded to go to George Town and shop; nothing is more American than buying European clothes. Being used to a culture where everyone is around a barbecue and losing themselves in the newest country music song, this was a shock that George Town was beyond crowded.

After exercising my American capitalist privilege—shopping—I proceeded to head to the national mall to listen to the national concert and close the night with fireworks. I usually appreciate fireworks, however, given the current threat that America is under, every boom made me very anxious; to the point that I did not enjoy the display at all. Yes, I do know that fireworks are very loud and resemble explosions, however, I did not know that my current outlook personifies—properly—my—and presumably every Americans—fear of attacks.

Setting aside the fear and anxiety I faced on this fourth of July, I really did enjoy my time with my fellow Capital Scholars. It was a nice reflective moment with all of us together, watching the explosions dance in the sky behind the Washington Monument. In continuum, this was the first time that I had ever watched fireworks not on a boat, so the display and reflection were very different than what I was used to. Likewise, being the national fireworks and all, I was expecting a longer and more extravagant display. However, the fiscal conservative in me did appreciate Trump’s America ceasing to spend an extravagant amount of taxpayers money on the display: a feat different for the President, vis-à-vis golf trips every weekend and gold plated furnishes. All in all, I was very happy that I was able to spend this Fourth of July with the people that I truly love and appreciate America—as messed us as it may be currently—for what it is. Although I am a raging liberal, and I am disappointed with the path we are currently going down, I can safely say that “I am proud to be an American”.

This week I learned how to properly vet phone calls. One of my on-going tasks for this week was to vet stories that CAP had reici3eved from constituents about their use of the governmental programs and the safety-net. Having to make nearly 300 different call—mind you each one is 15-30 minutes long—I was able to begin determining what stories would be appropriate for CAP to pursue, and which ones would not. This was a very humbling experience, for I was told by many people that if Trumps cuts are truly enacted—vis-à-vis health care repeal and replace—they will die. Yes, literally die. I learned how grateful I am for the current ACA program that we have and truly –in Mr. Trump’s words- “How complicated healthcare can be”; with that being said, I am only 20 years old and not the President of the United States…

I look forward to seeing what the next few weeks have in store and the impact that myself and the Center for American Progress can have on the current administration.

In closing, “God Bless You, and God bless the United States of America”.


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