Party Like It’s 1776!

What better way to spend your 4th of July than in the Nation’s Capital? You could light the fireworks with the energy that flowed through the city. There were so many people that came to Washington D.C. just to celebrate Independence Day.

As always, it was a mess trying to coordinate with everyone what we all wanted to do. We all knew our main goal was to watch the concert on the Capitol lawn and then watch the fireworks from the National Mall. The problem was that we are all very inexperienced at celebrating one of the biggest holiday’s in one of the most important cities in the nation. We had no idea how packed the mall would be, so we had no idea when we should get there. We also kept asking our fellow Washingtonians for their advice and we all kept getting different answers. Some said that it was okay to go later and that we would still find a spot. And that we definitely shouldn’t go and sit in the sun all day. Others said that people get there super early in the morning to get a good spot and that it gets crowded really fast.

We ended up splitting up into different groups, which was fine because it was easier to figure out what we were doing that way. I was personally turned off by the idea of going to the mall early because I didn’t want to sit in the super hot humid weather all day. Also there’s not a lot of public restrooms or really anything around the mall so that made things really inconvenient.

We decided to take our chances and we headed to the mall around 2:30/3:00 o’clock. The mall was SUPER dead!!! There was probably about a quarter amount of the people there that I had imagined there would be. We checked out the Folk Life festival for a little bit but decided that we were there way to early so we headed back to WISH to hangout and eat until we decided to actually go back later in the evening.

It was actually a super huge coincidence, but Saarah and I left to go to the store down the street and on our way back I ran into one of my friends whom I haven’t seen since we studied abroad in Spain together in the spring of 2015. He was born and raised in Maryland so he’s very familiar with the D.C. area. Every year he goes to a rooftop that is a couple blocks away from the mall to watch the fireworks, and he graciously invited us. I was very fond of this idea because I really didn’t want to deal with all the hustle and bustle and all the crowds surrounding the National Mall.

We ended up meeting him and his friends at the rooftop just in time to watch the fireworks. It was an amazing view!!! We could see the monuments and also see the fireworks perfectly. AND we didn’t have to deal with any crowds!

Overall, my Fourth of July experience in Washington D.C. was definitely on to remember. I’ve never seen so much pride for our nation at one time. I would definitely recommend spending at least one July 4th here in ones lifetime!

Since my last post i’ve really learned the true meaning of what an internship is for. It’s more than something you put on your resume and it’s even more than something that you just learn universal skills from. It’s about testing the waters in different potential career paths. And making connections with people that’ll impact you way more than you know it. Before coming into this internship I had a very general idea of non-profits and development. Now, i’m currently looking into internships for when I get back to Arizona to possibly continue developing my knowledge in this field.

Each week when I think D.C. cannot get any better, it always surprises me. This city is amazing and has so many hidden gems. I feel very humbled to be here.

Hope you all enjoyed you 4th as much as we did! FullSizeRender-3

“What’s more patriotic than taking a picture in front of the National Archives knowing that the Declaration of Independence is right behind you?!” -Saarah


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