Happy Brexit 1776 !

What an honor it was to experience the Fourth of July in Washington D.C. The capital seemed to be like a place of pilgrimage for Americans. From around the country and around the world, people flocked to this epicenter of worship to commemorate the birth of the greatest, most powerful nation on the face of the Earth. My Fourth of July was a bit complicated if I must say due to the fact that sections in the Capital Scholars formulated their own agenda as to how the day should go. A plan was started, but being that most of the group wanted to do a certain thing in the day, wants and needs complicated the agenda. I am the kind of guy that likes to hang around everybody and talk to everybody. I would move between groups to try to spend time with each group. Obviously, that was difficult and was not totally possible. Although there were complications, I took every moment in and I did not take anything for granted. I wore my American flag shorts and showed my pride to the world. Being in the capital for this momentous day is a once in a lifetime opportunity. At around 2 pm, we walked to the National Mall to check out the circus and how everything was on the mall. There was not many people because it was so humid and most people come later into the evening. It got so humid that we had to leave early and recuperate back at Woodley Park and eat something.

            After the little break at Woodley Park, we put our sights back to the National Mall. We missed the parade sadly because of miscommunication, so I was a bit sad about that. However, nothing will stop me from seeing the fireworks! We arrived at the mall, placed our blanket on the grass, and took plenty of pictures to capture the moment. Meeting people around us, meeting other Sun Devils who were also in D.C, and eating some good food was not only relaxing, but very fun and momentous. But the rumors are true about the National Mall on the Fourth. It is packed and there is no other way around it. The metro system was completely filled and there were about four layers of people trying to get into the tram. Nevertheless, we were able to find an Uber to take us slightly near the mall. When 9 pm came, the fireworks did too and it was gorgeous. Fireworks depicting hearts, smiley faces, and shapes illuminated the sky. Might I also say that the fireworks were huge! Not surprising since the whole city is watching. The fireworks lasted for a solid 15-20 min over the National Monument and we were closer to the Capital so we were facing east. After the beautiful fireworks, we could not possibly get onto the metro because there were way too many people. Taxis and Ubers were hard to get because they were all occupied by other costumers. Plan C was, walking all the way back. Optimistically, why not get a good work out to finish off the day strong? Therefore, we walked from the Capital, all the way back to Woodley Park which took about 1 hour.

            This might sound bizarre at first, but one thing I learned since my last post was how to improve the personal connectivity in a conversation. When I speak to someone, I have a tendency to always try to avoid awkward pauses and silence. However, when you constantly try to talk to keep the conversation going, the recipient can tell you are just trying to keep the conversation going. So I learned to accept the conversation as it is. I am not going to get along perfectly with every person, and I learned to let the other person contribute when they want to contribute. Silence is okay sometimes! We are all introverts in some way so allowing a calm and collected conversation to unfold naturally can help connect to someone else better and can definitely help with your networking skills. We have a month left here in this amazing city and, as usual, I am doing everything I can to take advantage of this amazing experience, and make as many memories as possible. Time flies when you are having fun!



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