America, truly the greatest country

Fourth of July is always one of my favorite holidays! Every year my friends, family, and of course all of the dogs go up to the lake house and spend the long weekend at Lake Roosevelt, enjoying the water and the great outdoors. A normal day for us there consists of waking up at the crack of dawn to make breakfast and get the toys ready for the water. Because we always have quite a few people we have to take multiple boats and jet skis out so everyone can fit! Can you imagine being on one boat with 15 people? I certainly cannot. With that being said we usually have a boat specifically for tubing and another one just for wake boarding. Depending on which water activity you enjoy most that is the boat you will go on when we load up at the dock. But later on we are always welcome to switch boats. We also have a few people on jet skis which are my favorite because I get the opportunity to jump the waves. After we all are exhausted from being out in the sun and water all day, we go back to the house and grill hamburgers and steaks, and take care of the puppies. Once people are beginning to feel up to it, the ones that want to take the quads and side by sides out to the desert to go shooting. Yes my family is very into the outdoors if you were wondering. This has been a tradition in since before my sister and I were born… but unfortunately the last two summers I have not been able to participate in this life long tradition because I have not been in Arizona the last two Fourth of July celebrations.

So what did for the fourth this year??? I took advantage of being a Hill intern of course. Another intern from my office, a friend of mine that also work on the Hill celebrated America’s birthday together. First, I was actually freaking out when I woke up because I had no idea what I was wearing on Independence Day. We were all planning to meet up at a friend’s apartment around 12 p.m., but high-maintenance MeKenna had to go shopping just an hour before we planned to meet up. So I went to Union Station (there are many clothing store inside there), which is a five-minute walk from my friend’s place. My other friend met me there and her and I went shopping for a cute Fourth outfit. OOPS… were we late or what to Ashley’s apartment? Lol we were late…. Like an hour and a half late. But us three girls FINALLY got ready about 2 hours later and went to lunch at this place called “Tune Inn” on Pennsylvania Ave., which has amazing food. We were not too far from Capitol Hill so after we ate the girls and I started heading over to the Hill.. of course it started raining, like why wouldn’t it right?? So on our walk there we tried hiding under trees and dry spots so we wouldn’t get too wet… Anyway, once we arrived at the Capitol we used our Hill intern privilege to sit on the steps of the Capitol and literally had the best view of the concert and fireworks!!!!

I do not know what greater feeling there is than celebrating the birthday of the most amazing country in the world in Washington, D.C.! I hope everyone gets to experience the feeling I did when “God Bless America” was being sung during fireworks!

So.. I learned something about myself that I already knew. But like it was definitely confirmed the night of Independence Day. I learned I am rhythmically challenged. I knew I was already a super bad dancer, but when a fun song was being sung at the concert everyone was clapping.. so I wanted to participate in it LOL. I did participate but I was definitely that one person in the crowd that clapped at the complete opposite time as everyone else. I tried correcting myself, but I literally could not figure it out so I gave up and started singing. Which I am not a great singer either, but I at least knew the words..

Thank you for reading stay tuned for my next post.. and REMEMBER never take a day for granted, especially when you are in the greatest country in the world AND thank a cop every chance you get, they will appreciate it more than you know.


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