Reality vs. What Feels Like a Vacation

The 4th of July fell on a Tuesday this year, which meant that I had Monday off from my internship site. Since I’m in the middle of moving homes in Richmond, VA and my chihuahua had surgery last Wednesday, I decided to jump on the Amtrak and go home for the weekend. I got home late Friday evening, we picked up some pizza and went to sleep (on a normal bed with a real mattress)! The rest of my weekend was spent trying to relax and trying to pack as many things as possible to make the move easier for my boyfriend since I’ll still be in Washington, D.C. when he gets the keys to our new house. I successfully packed up our office and all my books along with my clothes and many shoes. I also spent time babying my chihuahua who was still recovering from her surgery. We had to put a baby onesie on her so that she didn’t pick at her incision and we had to either syringe or spoon feed her baby food as well as liquids. I felt a bit silly having to do this for my dog, but my dogs are part of my family so it was necessary. I just feel bad for my boyfriend because he’s working, taking a course with ASU online, taking care of the dogs and is responsible for moving us into the new house while I’m here in D.C. Ultimately, I know that he’ll be able to take care of everything by himself but I still feel a bit guilty for not being there.

Tuesday morning, July 4th I woke up and headed back to the Amtrak station in Richmond, VA so that I could spend the 4th of July in Washington, D.C. with my roommates. When I arrived at the Woodley Park metro station I ran into them and decided that I’d drop my stuff off at WISH and meet up with them at a restaurant called Hen Quarter. The restaurant was a lot of fun, it had a great atmosphere and the drinks were delicious. I also got to meet Aundrea’s and Suzette’s boyfriends who were visiting from Arizona. After we left the restaurant we found a place to get dessert called Red Velvet. After that Suzette, her boyfriend and I were a bit hungry and luckily, we found some food trucks but got stuck eating in the rain (Aundrea and her boyfriend were nice enough to hold umbrellas for us). Then we found another restaurant to hangout in before we headed to the National Mall for the concert and fireworks.

Once we arrived at the National Mall we decided to find a spot near the stage, until we realized that we probably wouldn’t be able to hear the music or see anything. Aundrea decided to find out how close we could get and we ended up on the lawn of the Capitol. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the stage but we were able to see the screen, which later proved to be quite useless. The Beach Boys opened the concert followed by the Four Tops but they didn’t show the Beach Boys on the screen so it did take some of the excitement out of the performance. The Blues Brothers also performed during the concert which was fun to watch and listen to. The “Capitol Fourth” concert was nice but I wish they would have closed the concert with the Beach Boys, Four Tops and the Blues Brothers instead of having the Beach Boys and Four Tops be the opening acts. This was my second time watching the fireworks in D.C. so although it’s a great show, I feel as though they’re like any other fireworks display. The major difference about being in Washington, D.C. for the 4th of July is the atmosphere and vibe you get from being in the Nation’s capital. Overall, I did enjoy spending 4th of July with my roommates in Washington, D.C. it’s something that not many people get to experience and I knew that we had to take advantage of the opportunity.

Since my last post I learned that my professor for my BIS 401 course also did an internship in Washington, D.C. I always think it’s nice when you have something in common with your professors, especially with an online course because it helps in building a relationship since I won’t meet them in person. I also learned how much of an impact an organization such as Amazon can have on a nonprofit. Last week the nonprofit that I’m interning at was able to announce that Amazon has decided to partner with them and will match all new and increased donations, up to one million dollars by December 31, 2017. Within a few hours donations were coming in and continue to come in daily. I’ve also learned that when working with a nonprofit reaching out to people is one of the most important aspects, whether you’re reaching out to someone in need or to possible donors. I started emailing schools today to inform them of the walk that the organization holds annually around the National Mall as well as the Amazon partnership, I immediately got a response from one school. I’m hoping that in our last few weeks here I’ll be able to get more schools and universities to participate. Another thing I learned this past week is that my little cousin who plays baseball for TCU made the 2017 USA Baseball Collegiate National Team! I’m waiting patiently for him to go pro!




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