Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of The Beach Boys

One of the events that I was looking forward to the most was spending the 4th of July in our nation’s capitol. I was fortunate to have my boyfriend visit me for the holiday weekend and to be given the day off Monday through Wednesday.

My main priorities were to spend time walking around the National Mall, see the Beach Boys perform at the Capitol Concert, and watch the fireworks at the end of the night.

Throughout the holiday weekend, my boyfriend and I spent three hours in the Holocaust Museum. (Fun fact, we both went the Holocaust Museum on our school trip together in the 8th grade.) I was happy to visit the museum again because I took the time to actively read the content. The following day, we visited the Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was shot, and then moved across the street to the local inn. Something we learned about the building is that nothing is original except the brick of the building. When you go in there to take pictures of the box that Lincoln supposedly sat in, it is all replica material. After the assassination, the U.S. Military took over the building for office space.

We also took time to visit the monuments at night, firstly because the humidity is miserable during the day. Secondly, we like to beat the crowds and be able to appreciate the monuments in peace. That was a mistake. During the Fourth of July weekend, it was probably equally as packed as it would be during a normal summer day.

On the Fourth of July, we went and enjoyed brunch and then began to restaurant hop. We spent time with good food and friends. We went got cupcakes, some of us went to food trucks, and we had a blast exploring the D.C restaurant scene.

I thought my outfit was not patriotic enough, so we bargained with a vendor for a deal on American flag bandanas. Once we were suited up, we made our way to the grass on the mall. To my dismay, we realized the stage for the concert was facing Capital Hill, not the crowd towards the Washington/Lincoln memorials. Determined to see the Beach Boys perform, we pushed our way through the security checkpoint and found our post. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the production of the show.

The sound system and the stage were set up for the TV viewers. What about the people who traveled a thousand miles or so to come celebrate in D.C.?! I would have been mad if I was only there to celebrate the Fourth. Despite not being able to actually see The Beach Boys, I could hear them play their top hitsThe firework show was amazing. The music that was playing in the background truly made me proud to be an American, and the fact that some of it was being performed live made it even better. Throughout the rest of the evening, you could hear and see other firework shows all across the district. Everyone was celebrating, and that is something unique when compared to Gilbert, Arizona.

Although the town was bustling, I did expect more “Fourth of July” specific activity on the street. Except for the vendors, it was the similar touristy feeling. (That is arguably typical for a summer evening in Washington D.C.) The next day, D.C. felt pretty quiet. Everyone resumed to normal activity, the sky was cloudy, and it was a perfect to go to the zoo. So we went! It seemed as if D.C. was on recovery mode from the fun they had over the long weekend. We were able to take a nice walk, see the animals, and grab food in Adams Morgan.

This week I did a lot of learning about Lincoln and the Holocaust. However, I also learned the importance of always carrying an umbrella, how to bargain in the streets, and how to navigate the metro after on the largest 4th of July celebrations in the nation.

Although I had a fun weekend, it is nice to get back into my routine. I was excited to get up and report to work at 9AM.

Until next time!


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