Still preparing for the long run in DC

              Since I published my very first article, I loved the feeling of seeing my name in print. And I especially loved walking a block away from our student housing grabbing one of our newspapers on my own as a reader. From there on, I’ve lived every single day in D.C. like if I know that I’ll be coming back after graduating in December. It may not be right away, but I have already adopted myself to this place very well, but I am still getting a groove of the city more and more.


              The first step in making this happen has to go way back when I first decided to enroll at ASU years back. I am not a Journalism major, but I always had the hunger of wanting to type a lot as a Communications major. I was never a video lecture guy. Always read, read, and read and type. This pattern eventually helped me think of what I could possibly be doing years from now. And that is when I applied at The State Press and started reporting. After being published my first time, I said, “okay, this is where I belong and this is exactly what I should be doing”. And that is exactly the thought I have every time my current internship editors publish me. “I love this, I am for this, and this(D.C.) is where I should be making this happen.”



               I think the one main thing I would tell future interns coming into this city is, get comfortable with the lifestyle, and make sure you own it. I’d suggest to future interns that even though they may not want to spend their entire career in a city like D.C., enjoy every moment of networking. But most importantly for the interns that decide that this city may belong to them, then not only work on networking, but work on loving this area as if it’s already your first or second home.



                Since the last blog post I published last week, I have learned that I should manage my writing timing better. For example. With the last recent article I have write, I rushed typing the story right after interviewing my sources, just for the sake of being done with it as soon as I can. The good news is that I have great editors that help me out with any mistakes I make as of result of that, but I was suggested that I should take my time in writing out the article so I can have a smoother touch on the story, or else it will be very noticeable that I did not actually took my time to develop the story the way I can. Time management. That’s what I will work on for this week coming up.


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