Journey to nowhere…

Aweeee academics… there is never not talk about academics, whether it be what assignment you have due to what your next academic step is going to be. I feel I came quite prepared for Washington, D.C. academic wise. I am studying political science for my undergrad and the classes I have taken so far were very informative on the basics of politics. But I do wish I came to the Capitol of Politics knowing a little more than just beginner information. Thankfully my office understands everything is a learning process and will do everything they can to help me learn. So when I am unfamiliar with something, I am sure to ask questions.

Professionalism is a key to skill to have anywhere. That is the number one skill I tend to use at all times, I dress professionally every day, I am on time to the office, use professional phone and e-mail etiquette, and always offering help to everyone in the office. Little did I know my organization skills would come in as handy as they do here on the Hill. Since I love to organize, my office puts me in charge of organizing absolutely everything in the office. I organize the Cage, the closets, and some desk spaces.

At a young age, my parents drilled into my head that your G.P.A. is going to be one of the most important numbers in your young adult life. Your path is going to be shaped off of it… (which is absolutely true). But, of course the stubborn child I was, I did not listen to them. No, my G.P.A. is not awful; I am working on the Hill aren’t I? But it definitely could be a lot better than what it is. I have no excuse having the grade point average I have. My G.P.A. is the biggest regret I have coming out of my undergrad, thankfully I have a year left to at least bring it up a notch.. So needless to say my advice to the students that want to intern in Washington, D.C. is make sure you have a solid G.P.A.!! Also, become connected with your professors, you do not realize how valuable those connections are until you are in need of a reference letter or a connection. Professors normally have had a different career before they became a professor, so they also are great for networking usage.

There is always exciting adventures happening in my life. This week my exciting adventure was getting lost in D.C… I have been going straight to the gym after work the past couple weeks. Might I add the gym is on the same street WISH housing is on. So after the gym, I like to walk home because the walk is only about a 40 minutes form the dorms. Well one day while I was walking, I spotted a GNC right across the street from LA fitness and I stopped in there to grab protein and apple cider vinegar.. well if that was not the biggest mistake I made. The minute I walked out I thought “ohh I know exactly where I am going, I do not need my GPS.” So I start walking for about 15 minutes and I begin thinking to myself nothing here looks familiar, so I decided to cave in and use google maps. Google maps confirm I am going the wrong way, so I begin following the maps, but still nothing is looking familiar to me. So I stop and ask a security guard if he knew how far Woodley Park was from there. He looks at me sideways and says “you are walking in the completely wrong direction” “you are at least an hour and a half walk away”. So I then begin walking the opposite way completely confused and lost.. one of the girls in the Capital Scholars Program calls me and kindly navigates me in the right direction. So after I got off the phone with her I knew exactly where I was going, so I thought, I then get lost again and somehow found my way home 2 and a half hours later… So this was a great way to figure out D.C. faster but also, quite a learning process.


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