My ear being stuck to a telephone

                         Well, what a week it was. That must have been the busiest week I have ever experienced. I even had to work on Saturday and Sunday and I missed the Mexico vs Portugal game in a crucial match. But enough of what I missed and more about what I had to do overall. I think I communicated with as many people in the last week than I have in my entire life before arriving in the nation’s capital. As I confirmed in last week’s post, I had to reach out to literally 100 people to confirm that they were selected as one of the 100 most influential people for the Latino community in the D.C. metro area.


                        One of those people was the Mayor of this D.C. area. Muriel Bowser. I did not who she was before I arrived in D.C. Even as a political junkie, I wasn’t informed of anything related to her politics. I didn’t get to directly talk to her, but I was able to read into her story and what she does and how she got to where she is now.  She was a councilmember in the D.C. area, went to American University and got educated there. She basically lived D.C. from her beginnings. She is seen a huge role model in this community.


                     One thing I learned from last week was that journalism is much more than typing. I came into thinking I was only going to report and worry about putting my fingers to work. I was wrong. I think the most valuable thing I’ve done this week was communicating with people more than I ever will as a young student. I will cherish this crazy experience.


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