Ashley Marie, LLC.

I have been enjoying my time at the lobbying firm! I have been given many fun and exciting tasks. My typical day consists of going to committee meetings and taking notes on issues pertaining to our clients.The committee meetings can be complex, so it takes some time outside of the meeting to fully note everything that’s going on. The meetings generally are pretty quick-paced and sometimes I miss part of a member or witness’ testimony so I have to go back and look at the recording. This allows me to fill in the gap and make sure my notes are complete. Sometimes, when trying to capture everything, my notes come out not making the most sense. A funny example of this is the time that in my notes I wrote, “5G takes away the need for driverless cars. The industry. The car industry makes cars. It is going to be super but we don’t know what it is going to be.” It is important to check your work before sending it in because sometimes you can end up with a funny, but confusing, jumble of words. After the hearings, I go back to the office and write a memo to send out to the clients and the lobbyists in the firm. I reread my notes and then turn them into easy-to-read memos, highlighting what is pertinent to the client.

 Another fun part of my job is getting to go to special events. Last week, I attended a Politico Live event and learned about 5G and wireless infrastructure from an expert panelist. On Tuesday of this week, I am going to another exclusive Politico Live event about women in politics. I also have been able to go to several campaigning events and a few insider meetings. It is interesting to see the inside working of lobbying.

I also have been given the opportunity to work on a couple of special projects. I had to research and write about section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. I have gotten the chance to listen in on high-importance phone calls with big clients like Google. I have thoroughly enjoyed the different tasks that I have been assigned.

I report to multiple people. The main person I respond to is Marissa. Marissa is the glue that holds the office together. She wears many hats, from coordinating events to running the office. She is a light in the office. We also report to all the lobbyists in the office. When one of them needs a task done, they will normally come to us. It could be anything from researching a topic to arranging a conference room. Marcus, one of the lobbyists, is actually an ASU alumni! It is a great working environment because I get to experience different lobbying styles. My co-interns and I joke about opening our own nonpartisan lobbying firm. Keep your eye out for Ashley Marie, LLC (based off of our middles names).

This week I learned an insider tip about Washington, D.C. If you want to avoid all the children and tourists, go to the monuments at night! My roommates and I went to the Jefferson, the MLK, and the FDR monument last weekend. It was beautifully lit up and quiet. We had a chance to enjoy the monuments and spend more time there than we normally would be able to. It was stunning! Everywhere in D.C. will fill you with a sense of patriotism. I am glad I got to spend time with my roommates.

 This week, I am looking forward to attending a Google event. I hope to explore more museums this weekend. I cannot wait for the Fourth of July! I have a family member coming out to visit me, so I know it will be a blast (ha ha get the joke?). Washington, D.C. has been great to me and I am excited to continue my adventures here.



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