A Cold Can’t Keep Me Down!

The past week wasn’t too exciting or eventful for me because I was sick the entire week. Because of the crazy weather, my allergies and the mold that has probably built up in the carpet of our work restroom because of a leak, I felt pretty miserable. I did however force myself to get out and do something on Thursday night. Claire and I decided to go to the Congressional Baseball game. After fighting through the crowds for the red line, we were able to meet up at the Gallery Place- Chinatown station to make our transfer to the green line and headed down to the Nationals Park together. Once we arrived there were huge crowds of people everywhere but luckily, we bought our ticket from the ticket machine and eventually found a line that wasn’t extremely long. We also found some pretty good seats toward left field and we had a great view. Amazingly, the players on both teams played better than expected! The Democrats did end up winning the game 11-2 but overall, it was a fun experience and I’m happy that I dragged myself out of our apartment to go.

Saturday night Aundrea, Suzette and I decided to grab a giant slice of pizza for dinner and then make our way to some of the memorials. The first memorial that we went to was the Jefferson Memorial which was beautiful and extremely peaceful. Brigette met up with us after we arrived at the Jefferson Memorial and we decided to continue exploring. We eventually found the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial which again, I found to be very peaceful and the statue is pretty amazing. Our last stop was at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial. There was so much to see at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial that Aundrea made us promise her that we would make another trip but this time during the daytime so that we can read everything that’s engraved on the walls. So far, every memorial that we’ve seen has been pretty impressive and I look forward to seeing the rest.

My experience of being an online student is very different compared to the those who are traditional, on ground students like the rest of my peers. Because I’m living in Virginia and am nowhere near Arizona State University I don’t even have a student I.D. which identifies me as a college student. I also don’t know much about student affairs or any of the school politics. Interestingly, I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on much by being an online student. Even as a teenager and young adult, I found myself hanging out with and identifying more with people older than me. For this reason, joining the military after high school sounded more appealing than going to college and dealing with people my age. The only thing that I feel that I’m missing is the assistance of various staff. Being an online student can be difficult to figure out who to talk to and getting the help that you need and I often get the run around because not everyone knows who to direct me to. I think one of the major benefits of being an online student is the flexibility. If we want to go out of town or if I have plans that may interfere with due dates I can work ahead of schedule to turn in the work and I don’t have to worry about missing classes. Living on the East Coast and being from the West Coast means that I travel often and online courses has made that easier to do.

Something that I learned this past week while traveling to the Congressional baseball game had to do with the importance of personal hygiene. I personally have a slight case of O.C.D. and I believe that personal hygiene is very important but seeing all the people crammed onto the red line made me take note about the importance of showering and using deodorant! The red line was so crammed that we were like a can of sardines and the taller people had to hold onto the higher bars (which I can’t reach). Hopefully people think about this in the morning when they’re getting ready for the sake of others.



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